What is Litigation?

Any time a dispute is filed in a Court, this is considered to be litigation.

The dollar amounts in dispute have involved cases as low as $10,000 up to multi-million dollar cases. We have also successfully overturned judgments on appeal, and have successfully defended appeals. We do not currently offer appellate services.

Why Go to Court?

You may need immediate assistance, by means of an immediate court order, or the time is expiring to file a lawsuit, to protect your rights. More commonly, negotiations have not been productive, and you have no alternative but to file a lawsuit. No one enjoys going to Court, but we litigate regularly, and take cases to contested hearings or to trial, on a regular basis. If you need an advocate, we will vigorously represent your interests.

Why Go to Court Instead of Mediation?

We can't force anyone to mediate - it's voluntary.

You need quick action to prevent a loss of assets, obtain a temporary order, or stop the destruction of records.

The cost of mediation is higher than litigation. In some cases, the small amount of money in dispute means that it is less expensive to litigate rather than mediate.

Why Choose us to Represent You in Court?

You will have contact directly with the attorney. We may have our paralegal communicate with you as well, but we will not hide from your phone calls or emails.

You will have someone who cares about your case. We understand that going to court is one of the most stressful times in your life.

We understand this and care about you being a full participant in your case. We have passion for our clients. You deserve to have a committed advocate on your side. Keep in mind that you “can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Do not mistake our professionalism for timidity. You need a calm and knowledgeable attorney with you in and out of court, who acting in your best interest.

We are Committed to Your Case

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