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successfully Protected Assets of a Trust, After the Trustee Spent $1,000,000 in a Ponzi Scheme

In this case, the Trustee (who was also a beneficiary) had mismanaged his father's estate, which was worth several million dollars.  The Trustee fashioned himself as a savvy investor and invested over a million dollars of Trust assets in a mobile billboard Ponzi scheme, that ultimately went belly up when it could not keep up with the "dividends" that it had been paying out.  

A Ponzi scheme is where money is collected, there is no underlying business, and "investment returns" are paid solely by new "investors" paying into the scheme. 

In the middle of an evidentiary hearing, with the Trustee on the stand, the judge indicated that she had heard enough.  

The case ultimately settled, with the two beneficiaries receiving their fair share of the estate - two parcels of commercial real estate.   

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Ian R. Greensides

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